46. Stairs

Stairs. The cost per step for an ordinary stairway, constructed according to the following specifications, is about $3.00. For a better class of work, add about one-quarter to this price. Length of steps, 3 feet; tread, Georgia pine; riser, white pine; open string, white pine; nosing and cove; dovetail balusters, square or turned; rail, 2 1/2 X 3"; 6-inch start newel, cherry; two 4-inch square angle newels, with trimmed caps and pendants; simple easements, furred underneath for plastering; treads and risers tongued together, housed into wall strings, wedged, glued, and blocked.

The material of such a stairway will cost about $1.84 per step. This rate includes landing facia and balustrade to finish on upper floor. The labor on the same, mill work and setting in place, is about $1.16 per step. For example, for a stairs having 17 steps and landing balustrade (including return, about 14 feet), the entire cost will be 17 X $3.00 = $51.00, of which $31.28 will represent cost of dressed lumber, including turned balusters and newels, and worked rail; and $19.72 will represent cost of labor in housing strings, cutting, mitering, and dovetailing steps, working easements, fitting and bolting rail, and erecting stairway in building.

47. "Verandas.-For small dwellings, it has been found by experience that a veranda built on the following specifications will cost about $2.25 per lineal foot: Width, 5 feet; posts, turned, set 6 or 8 feet on centers; floor timbers, 2"X 6"; flooring, 7/8-inch white pine, sound grade; rafters, 2"X4" dressed; purlins, 2"x4", set 2 feet on centers; roof sheathing, 7/8-inch white pine; box frieze and angle mold; angle and face brackets; steps; no balustrade.

To include balustrade with 2-inch turned balusters, add about 60 cents per lineal foot.

For a veranda built according to the following specifications, the cost will be about $4.00 per lineal foot: Width, 8 feet; columns, 9-inch, turned; box pedestals; box cornice and gutter; level ceiling; roof timbers, 2" X 6"; roof covered with matched boards; tin, a good grade; floor timbers, 2"x8"; floor, 1 1/4-inch white pine, second grade, with white-lead joints; no balustrade.

Including balustrade, with 2 1/2-inch turned balusters, rail, and base to suit, add 80 cents per lineal foot.

Where a portion of the veranda is segmental or semicircular, a close approximation to the cost will be had if the girth of the circular part is measured, and a rate fixed at twice that for straight work of the same length. This applies to veranda framing, roofing, casing, and balustrades.