41. In any molded work which goes through the mill, the usual charge is 1 cent per square inch of section per lineal foot, as a base, from which is deducted a percentage, generally from 40 to 60 per cent., depending on the grade of the material. For example, a 7/8-inch (undressed thickness, 1 inch) door casing, 5 inches wide, will cost 1 cent x 5, less 50 per cent. = 2 1/2 cents per lineal foot.


The cost of material and fitting in place may be estimated at 1 cent per square inch of section per lineal foot. This is for pine; if hard wood is used, double this price. The same rule applies also to chair rails, cap rails, and natural-finish picture molds.

Paneling may be estimated at 12 cents per square foot for 1-inch pine stuff; if over 1 inch, add simply for extra material. If the paneling is of hard wood and veneered, add 50 per cent. to the price of pine.

Plain wainscoting may be estimated at 6 1/2 cents per square foot, the cap being figured separately by the lineal foot.

42. Door Frames

Door Frames. The following estimate represents the cost of an ordinary door frame:

Cost of Door Frame in Place.

Size, 2' 8"x6'8".

Jambs (rabbeted for doors), 13' 6"; head jamb, 3'. Total jambs, 16 1/2 of 1 1/8 " (1 1/4")X6" clear-face material, at 1 cent per sq. in., per ft, less 50 per cent.


Casing, 34 1/2' of 7/8" (1") X 5", with 1/4- ground edge mold, at same rate...........


Back-band molding, 34 1/2' of 7/8"(l")x2", at same rate as casing................


Plinth blocks, 4 pieces, 9" X I 3/4" (2") X 5 1/4", at 1 cent per sq. in. per ft., less 50 per cent.........


Dadoing and handsmoothing casing, back band, and plinth blocks................




Putting together and setting up (2 1/2 hours).....


Cost in place................


43. Doors

Doors. The subjoined estimate gives the cost of a door of moderate price:

Cost of Door in Place.

Size, 2' 8" X 6' 8". 1 3/8 in. thick, 5 panels, double face, flat paneled, and stuck or solid molded.

Door delivered..................


Fitting hinges and lock, hanging and trimming ...


Butts, 1 pair 4x4, lacquered steel.........


Mortise lock, brass face, and strike wood knob, bronze escutcheons.................


Cost in place...........


Cost per square foot, 21 cents.

If the door is hard wood and veneered, add 50 per cent. to price of the above, which is for a pine door. For curved doors in curved walls, the cost is about twice that of ordinary-straight work.

A fair workman can hang, trim, and put hardware, including mortise lock, on about six ordinary doors per day. For veneered doors, or those requiring extra care, not more than three can be put in place.