40. Joinery Details

Joinery Details. Joinery includes all the interior and exterior finish put in place after the framing and covering are completed; as, for example, door and window frames, doors, baseboard, paneling, wainscoting, stairs, etc. Most of these materials are worked at the mill and brought to the building ready to set in place.


In taking off door and window frames, describe and state sizes. Measure architraves by the running foot, giving width and thickness, whether molded or plain, and state the number of plinth and corner blocks.


State dimensions (giving the width first); thickness of the material, molded or plain; style of check-rail and sill finish; thickness of sash bar; whether plain, single or double hung; and sizes (giving dimensions in inches) and number of lights. Use standard sizes as much as possible.


Describe and state the sizes and thickness, whether the framing is stuck-molded, raised-molded, or plain; and number of panels, whether plain or raised. Use stock sizes wherever possible and suitable.


Describe size and thickness; whether paneled or slatted (fixed or movable), and whether molded or plain.

Baseboard And Beam Casings

Measure by the running foot, stating width and thickness of stuff, and whether molded or plain.


Measure by the superficial foot. State kind of finish, whether paneled or plain, and style of molding and panels. Wainscoting cap and base, measure by the running foot.

Stairways are generally taken by the contractor at so much per step, including everything complete according to the specifications. In measuring stairways, take off the amount of rough material in carriage timbers, and the planed lumber in treads, risers, and strings. Measure balustrades by the lineal foot. Give size and style of treatment of newels. Measure spandrel and stairway paneling the same as wainscoting.

Kitchen dressers may be taken at a fixed price complete; or at a fixed rate per square foot; or as dressed lumber, drawers and doors being taken separately.

Wardrobes, bookcases, mantels, and china closets should be treated separately, and a fixed price stated.

Porches, exterior balustrades, balconies, porte cochcrcs, etc. may be taken at a price per lineal foot, or the actual quantity of material may be measured.