58. Painting is measured by the superficial yard, girting every part of the work that is covered by paint, and allowing additions to the actual surface to compensate for the difficulty of covering deep quirks of moldings, for carved and enriched surfaces, etc. Ordinary door and window openings are usually measured solid, to compensate for the extra time taken in working around them, "cutting in " the window sash, etc. Porch and stair balustrades, iron railings, and work having numerous thin strips, are also counted solid, for a like reason. Allowance is frequently made for distance from ground that the work is to be done, as in cornices, balconies, dormers, etc., and also for the difficulty of access.

Charges are usually made for each coat of paint put on, at a certain price per superficial yard and per coat.

Graining and marbling (imitations of wood and stone) and varnishing are rated at different prices from plain work.

Capitals and columns and other ornamental work which are difficult to measure should be enumerated, and a clear description of the amount of work on them should be given.