56. Cost

Cost. The cost of the gas-fitting may be approximately figured as about 3 per cent. of the cost of the building. The cost of labor alone varies from about one-fourth to one-seventh of the cost of materials. The better the grade of fixtures, the lower will be the ratio-provided there is no excessive ornamentation requiring much time to put in place-as the cost of the labor is about the same for cheap fixtures as for more costly ones.

57. Estimate piping the same as for plumbing. Allow for meter, permits, tapping gas main, etc. Figure each gas fixture separately set up in place. Owner usually makes a selection of fixtures from manufacturer's catalogue. Allow for shields, fire-guards, etc., in places where there is danger of fire.

Figure gas grates, gas stoves, gas heaters, etc. separately. Where the gas pressure is very high or unsteady, allow for a pressure regulator.