Where several water closets arc placed in a large toilet room, each closet should be enclosed by thin partitions about 3 feet apart, and from 6 to 7 feet high, with a short door placed in front of the closet. These doors are usually hung with spring hinges, either set to close the door or hold it open as desired. Single-action hinges are more frequently used, but double-action hinges may be used if desired; with the latter the door is always shut, except in entering or leaving. The single-action hinges are usually "surface" hinges, made to screw to the face of the door and frame, although the "Bommer" and "Draper" may be had with box flange, as in Fig. 417. Most of the better class of spring hinges are made in patterns especially adapted to water closet doors, all of the double-acting hinges being made with a box flange to fit over the edge of the marble jamb and where it is secured by bolts.

Fig. 414.   Torrey Door Spring.

Fig. 414. - Torrey Door Spring.

Fig. 415.   Perfect Coil Spring.

Fig. 415. - Perfect Coil Spring.

Fig. 416.   Willer Screen Door Catch.

Fig. 416. - Willer Screen Door Catch.

Draper's single-action spring hinge* has a box flange with the inside made to adjust of an inch, to allow for any variation in the thickness of the marble. Single-action hinges set to close the door, should have a strike with rubber cushion on the jamb for the door to strike against. These may usually be obtained with the hinges. Doors hung with double-action hinges are not usually fitted with any lock or bolt, push plates only being placed on each side of the door. Doors with single-action hinges should have a pull handle

Single Action Surface Hinge.

Single-Action Surface Hinge.

Double Action Box Flange.

Double-Action Box Flange.

Fig. 417. - Bommer W. C. Hinges.

* Sold by P. & F. Corbin, on one side, and are usually fitted with a bolt on the inside; special "water closet bolts" are made for this purpose which have an indicator dial on the outside of the door, showing that the closet is occupied when the bolt is shot.

Office gates are also usually fitted with spring hinges, and special wide hinges for such gates are made in the "Bommer" line, for both single and double-action. The top rail, however, should not be more than 4 inches wide, when such hinges are to be used.