In the choice of a color for the exterior a few general suggestions may properly be made here. In the first place, it is of prime importance that the house should harmonize in its exterior colors with the surroundings. If the house is to be surrounded by plenty of growth, such as trees or shrubs so that the tints of vegetation will predominate, the tendency may well be toward shades of green, yellow, or brown, which will harmonize with the changing effects of the growth. On the other hand, if the situation is one where rocks and ledges will necessarily lend a grayish tone to the surroundings, the house may well be painted in shades of gray.

Colonial Colors

For a colonial design, such as we have adopted, the old-fashioned idea of painting the trimmings white and the body color of yellow ochre or gray, may be properly considered. Of these the gray body will prove more lasting as the yellow ochre often becomes subject to mildew when exposed to continued dampness. In general, light colors last better than dark colors and do not "draw" the joints of the finish.