1. Define staircase and stairway.

2. What is meant by the rise and run of a stairway? How measured ?

3. Define tread and riser.

4. How do treads and risers compare as to number? Why?

5. What is a string or string-board? Describe the various kinds of strings.

6. How are treads and risers fitted together and fastened in housed strings?

7. Describe the construction and use of a pitch-board.

8. How are the relative dimensions of treads and risers determined ?

9. Are all the risers in a flight of stairs cut of uniform height?

10. Describe the use of flyers, winders, and dancing steps.

11. How are balusters fastened on strings?

12. How are strings fastened to newel-posts?

13. Describe methods of constructing bullnose steps and risers for same.

14. What is the difference between a quarter-space landing and a half-space landing?

15. Define the terms: well-hole; drum; cylinder; kerfing geometrical stairway; carriage timber; wreath; tangent; crown tangent; springing of a well-hole; ground-line; swan-neck; face-mould; nosing; return nosing; spandrel; cove-moulding.

1G. Describe the use of the face-mould.

17. When the face-mould is applied, and material for the wreath cut from the plank, how is the wreath-piece given its final shape?

18. What is the use of tangents in handrailing? What do the bevels represent?

19. What is an oblique plane?

20. Are all wreaths assumed to be resting on an oblique plane?

21. In referring to an oblique plane, what do you understand by the expressions inclined in one direction only and inclined in two directions?

22. What is meant when two wreath tangents are said to be equally inclined? What, when unequally inclined?

23. When an oblique plane is inclined in one direction only, how many bevels will be needed to twist the wreath?

24. When the plane inclines in two directions, how many bevels are required?

25. When the inclination is equal in two directions, how many bevels are needed?

26. When the plane is unequally inclined in two directions, how many bevels are needed?

27. How can a stairway be reinforced?

28. How should a scroll bracket be terminated against the riser?

29. When a plane is equally inclined in two directions, how are the bevel or bevels to be applied to twist the wreath resting upon it in its ascent around the well-hole?

30. What is the difference between the plan tangents, pitch-line of tangents, and tangents of the face-mould?

31. Why is it necessary to determine with exactness the angle between the tangents on the face-mould ?

32. What is the width of the face-mould to be, when laid out on the minor axis?

33. How is the width of the mould at the ends determined?

34. How do you find the minor axis and major axis of the mould curves?

35. Show how to find the thickness of the plank that will be required for the wreath.

36. When the plan tangents are at a right angle to each other, and the pitch is equal, how are the bevels to be applied, (1) in relation to each other; (2) in relation to the sides of the wreath?