The banking quarters, which are the most important part of the building, are elaborately finished, making necessary a great many details of this part. One of these details is given on Plate 45 and is typical of such interior elevations. On the first floor plan of Plate 40 find the point at which this detail was taken, and compare column numbers, stairs, etc.


Cleveland Discount Building

Office Building For. The: Cleveland Discount Building Co. Cleveland --• Ohio

[Redrawn from the plans of ]



- First • Floor


[Sca/e of original drawing]


[Due To The Small Size Of The Page It 1s Impossible To Show This Plan A5 Actually Drawn By The Architect, For Much Of The- Detail Must Be Omitted Here. The Partial Drawing To The Left Is Given So That The Draftsman May See Exactly The Detail With Which The Original Is Worked Up. It Is Drawn Here At The Scale Of The Original. The Drawing Below Shows All Features Of The First Floor, Plan And Their- Relation To The Structural Columns And Walls. All Columns Are: Located By Their, Center, Lines And From The Building Line, Then The Walls Etc. Are Located From Column Centers. The Furniture Of The Banking Room Is A Part Of The Scheme: And As Such Is Designed By The Architect And Indicated On This. Plan. This Includes The "Cages." Screens, Check, Desks Etc.]


Plan Of Concrete And Tile Floor Systems 45




[Redrawn from the plans of ] CLEVELAND, OHIO.


[Scale of original drawing 1/8"=1"-0"

[The Entire Floor. Plan Is Shown Below, And A Part Of It Given At The Left Exactly The Size Of The Original So As To Show The Amount Of Detail Worked Into The Architects Drawing.. Notice That Electric Light Outlets Are Located By Dimensions From The Column Center. Lines. The Switches Also Are Shown And Noted As Are Also The Wiring-Cabinets, Etc. The Doors Are Numbered Here And Described In A Door Schedule On Another Sheet Of The Originals. Radiators Are Shown And Their. Size And Amount Of Radiation Noted. The Material Of Floors, Bases . Wainscot Etc. Is Noted Unless Elsewhere Shown In A Detail.]


Plan Of Concrete And Tile Floor Systems 46

[This Structural Steel Framing Plan Shows The Method Of Locating And Noting The Columns, Beams And Girders Of The: Building. All Dimensions On Such Drawings Are Given To The Center. Lines Of The Members Unless Otherwise Noted. Outer. Columns Are: Located By Dimensioning From The Building Line:. Compare: With The; First Floor. Plan. The Section And Size Of Each (Cam Is Noted Along The: Heavy Line By Which It Is Represented. In Noting An I Beam Or. Channel The Depth Is Given First, Then The Symbol For The Section (I"For. I Beam Or"J" For Channel) Then The Weight Per. Foot Of Length And La5t Any Other Necessary Note. For Example, Between Columns #3 And#4 We See "18 1 55, -10'." This Means That An 18" I Beam Weighing 55 Pounds Per Foot Is To Be Placed With Its Top Flange 10"Below The Finished Floor. See Also The Vertical Section On Plate 44. Wherever An Unusual Condition Occurs A Separate Small Section Is Shown. See The Girder. Between Columns #I2 And #I9 . The Partial Schedules Of Column Loads And Sizes Will Be Sufficient To Show How Such Information Is Sometimes Presented. Elevations Of The Steel Frame Are Drawn Up In A Similar Manner.]


Plan Of Concrete And Tile Floor Systems 47


Plan Of Concrete And Tile Floor Systems 48

[This Is One Of Several Vertical Sections Taken At Such Points Around The Building As To Describe Completely The Relation Between The Steel Frame And The Brick. And Terra-Cotta Walls At Those Points. It Shows The Members Of The Frame In Section Or. Elevation And The Manner Of Building The Masonry Upon The Girder, And Lintel Supports. It Also Illustrates Clearly The Method Of Securing The Architectural Terra Cotta To The Steel Frame . In Some Places, Such As At The Cornice And At The Seventeenth Story Balcony, Special Over-Hanging- Steel Supports Are Required. These Are Secured To The Main Framework But The Details Of The Fastenings Are Not Usually Shown On The Architects Drawings . The Draftsma.N Must However. Bear. Them In Mind So That They May Be Work.Ed Out A3 Here Suggested. THE ORIGINAL OF THIS SECTION "C-C" CONTAINS MANY MORE NOTES AND DIMENSIONS THAN ARE HERE SHOWN, ONLY THE MORE IMPORTANT ONES BEING GIVEN ON THIS DRAWING.]


Plan Of Concrete And Tile Floor Systems 49

[The Banking Quarters Are Fully Detailed At The Scale Of 3/4=1-0". These Details Show The Disposition Of The Various Materials Such As Tile, Marble Scagliola, Plaster, Metal Etc. And Give Certain Dimensions Which Could Not Be Shown On The Smaller Scale Drawings. Note Size Of Marble Wall Slabs, Imitation Marble Columns Etc. They Also Suggest The Ornament In Enough Detail That Plaster. Or Other. Models May Be Made From Them. The Ornament Is Sometimes Drawn Full Size In Addition To These Scale Details.]


Framing Of Wooden Buildings

Framing Of Wooden Buildings