The publishers are named at the end of the list.


Acoustics of Auditoriums, by F. R. Watson.


Sweet's Catalogue. (An extensive catalogue of architectural equipment and manufacturers.) by Sweet's Catalogue Service, Inc., New York.

Construction And Superintendence

Building Construction and Superintendence.2 by F. E. Kidder.

Part I. Masonry and Plastering. Part II. Carpenter Work. Part III. Trussed Roofs and Roof Trusses. Elements of Structures.3 by George A. Hool. Framed Structures and Girders.3 by Edgar Marburg. Strength of Materials.3 by James E. Boyd. Designing and Detailing of Simple Steel Structures.3 by Clyde T. Morris. Architectural Engineering.4 by J. K. Freitag. Reinforced Concrete.3 by Buel and Hill. Concrete Engineers' Handbook.3 by Hool and Johnson. Architectural Terra Cotta.5 (Standard Construction.) by National Terra Cotta Society, New York.


Architectural Composition.6 by John Beverly Robinson. The Honest House.7 (Small House Design.) by Ruby Ross Goodnow. Elements of Classic Architecture.8 (French.) by Gromort. Indication in Architectural Design.2 by David J. Varon.

Classic and Renaissance Architecture.9 by Joseph Buhlman. Church Building.31 by Ralph Adams Cram. Lessons in Decorative Design.10 by Jackson. City Planning.11 by Charles Mulford Robinson.


Building Details.12 (Portfolios.) by Frank M. Snyder. Architectural Terra Cotta.5 (Standard Construction.) by National Terra Cotta Society, New York.


Dictionary of Architecture and Building.13 by Russell Sturgis.

Mechanical Equipment

Condensed Catalogues of Mechanical Equipment with a General Classified Directory. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York.

Chemical Engineering Catalogue. (Chemical Machinery and Supplies.) The Chemical Catalogue Company, Inc., 1 Madison Ave., New York.


Engineering Drawing.3 (A complete elementary treatise on orthographic projection drawing.) by Thomas E. French. Machine Drawing.6 by Carl L. Svensen. Figure Drawing.10 by Hatton.


Contractors' and Builders' Handbook.14 by William Arthur.


The Fireproofing of Steel Buildings.4 by J. K. Freitag.


The Architects' and Builders' Pocket Book.4 by F. E. Kidder. The Civil Engineer's Pocket Book.32 by J. C. Trautwine. Mechanical Engineers' Handbook.3 by Lionel S. Marks. The Mechanical Engineers' Pocket Book.4 by Wm. Kent. American Electricians' Handbook.3 by Terrell Croft. Handbook for Electrical Engineers.4 by Harold Pender. Cambria Steel.

by Cambria Steel Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Carnegie Steel Companies' Pocket Companion.

by Carnegie Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Hot Water Heating and Fitting.3 by Wm. J. Baldwin.



History of Architecture.15 by Banister Fletcher. History of Architectural Development.16 by F. M. Simpson. History of Architecture.17 by Russell Sturgis. History of Architecture.18 by James Ferguson. Classic. - The Architecture of Greece and Rome.19 by W. J. Anderson and R. Phene- Spiers. English. - Gothic Architecture in England.15 by Francis Bond. Later Renaissance Architecture in England.19 by John Belcher and M. E. Macartney. History of Renaissance Architecture in England.20 by R. T. Blomfield. Classic Architecture in Great Britain and Ireland, During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.19 by A. Richardson. French. - The Architecture of the Renaissance in France.19 by W. H. Ward. Medieval Architecture.17 by A. Kingsley Porter. Italian. - The Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy.19 by W. J. Anderson. History of Architecture in Italy.21 by C. A. Cummins.


Renaissance Architecture and Ornament in Spain.19 by A. N. Prentice. Colonial. - The Georgian Period. (A series of portfolios), by The American Architect and Building News Company, Boston. The Colonial Homes of Philadelphia and Its Neighborhood.10 by H. D. Eberline.


The Art of Illumination.3 by Louis Bell. Electric Light Wiring.3 by C. E. Knox. Practical Illumination.3 by J. R. Cravath and V. R. Lansingh. Radiation, Light and Illumination.3 by Charles P. Steinmetz.


Architect, Owner and Builder Before the Law.13 by T. M. Clark.


The Alphabet.34 by F. W. Goudy. Lettering.33 by Thomas Wood Stevens. Letters and Lettering.22 by Frank Chouteau Brown. The Essentials of Lettering.3 by French and Meiklejohn.

Orders Of Architecture

The Greek and Roman Orders.23 by Mauch. Elements of Architecture.24 by Pierre Esquie. Fragments d'Architecture Antique.25 by H. d'Espouy. Vignola.2 by Arthur L. Tuckerman.


The Evolution of Architectural Ornament.10 by Middleton. Styles of Ornament.9 by Alexander Speltz. Handbook of Ornament.28 by F. S. Meyer.

The Art of Color Decoration.19 by J. D. Grace. Garden Ornament.15 by Gertrude Jekyll.


The Analysis of Paints and Painting Materials.3 by Henry A. Gardner and John A. Schaeffer.


Perspective. 2nd ed.6 by Lubschez. Applied Perspective.21 by Longfellow. Handbook of Perspective.17 by Otto Fuchs. Modern Perspective.13 by Wm. R. Ware.


A Handbook on Piping.6 by Carl L. Svensen.


Principles and Practice of Plumbing.28 by J. J. Cosgrove. Plumbers', Steam Fitters' and Tinners' Handbook.4 by H. G. Richey.


Architectural Rendering in Wash.15 by McGonigle. Architectural Sketching and Drawing in Perspective.19 by H. W. Roberts. Pen Drawing.22 by Maginnis. Architectural and Decorative Drawings.26 (Examples of pen and ink rendering.) by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. Coaching Days and Coaching Ways.13 (Examples of pen rendering.) by W. Outram Tristram. Indication in Architectural Design.2 by David J. Varon. Pencil Points (magazine). (Examples of pencil and wash rendering.) by The Pencil Points Press Inc., New York. Light and Shade and Their Applications.6 by M. Luckiesh. A Collection of Color Prints.7 by Jules Guerin and Maxfield Parish.

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Shades And Shadows

Shades and Shadows.22 by Henry McGoodwin.


Modern Methods of Waterproofing.3 by Myron H. Lewis.

Current Architectural Magazines

Pencil Points

The Pencil Points Press, Inc., New York. Architectural Record

The Architectural Record Co., 115-119 West 40th St., New York. Architectural Forum

Rogers and Manson Co., 142 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. American Architect & Architectural Review

The Architectural & Building Press Inc., Stamford, Conn. American Institute of Architects, Journal of

Am. Inst, of Architects Press Inc., 313 East 23rd St., New York. Architecture

Charles Scribner's Sons, 597-599 Fifth Avenue, New York. White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs

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