"Houses are built to live in, and not to look on", as the philosopher Bacon pithily says, and his aphorism may fitly he appropriated as the motto of the present work. Beauty, symmetry, the fair things that please the eye, are in truth contributors to the joys of life; but life itself must ever claim priority. All then that concerns the design and construction of houses in relation to the health and comfort of their occupants forms the subject of this practical work.

The work is divided into sections, each of which is written by a specialist in his particular branch. The reader may therefore be assured that the work embodies the best results of individual study and experience, at the same time that it contains, in due order and arranged for easy reference, all the wide-ranging information he may require.

Each contributor is responsible for the section in which his name appears, and for that alone. Where the editor has thought it necessary to call attention to points on which there may be a reasonable difference of opinion, he has done so by means of foot-notes.

With regard to the illustrations in Divisional-Volume I., indebtedness has to be acknowledged to the following firms: - Messrs. Banks's Fireproof Construction Syndicate, Ltd., London; Broomhall Tile and Brick Co., London; Joseph Cliff & Sons, Wortley, near Leeds; Doulton & Co., Lambeth; J. C. Edwards, Ruabon: Mark Fawcett & Co., London; Geo. Gunton, Costessy, Norwich; Crosby Lock-wood & Son, London; N. A. P. Window Co., Ltd., London; Noyes & Co., London; Rowlands Castle Brick & Tile Co., Rowlands Castle, Hants.