Divide the Mason's Abstract into sections for the different kinds of stone; observe the regular order of Cubes, Supers, Runs, and Numbers.

Mason 75

Fig. 40.

Where stone is billed as "stone and labour," commence the cubic items with that of least value and work up to that of the greatest value; commence the super. dimensions with that of the least thickness, and each thickness with that of least value; commence the lineal dimensions with that of the least thickness, starting each thickness with that of the least width, and working right through that thickness until the greatest width is reached; then follow with the next thickness, and so on; where there are two or more items of the same thickness and width, commence with that of least value.

All items in short lengths, scantling lengths, etc., should follow immediately after the ordinary item of same size and description. Follow with numbers.

Where stone and labour are separately measured, abstract the cube stone first, following it with stone and labour in scantling lengths. Abstract the labours in the order of Supers, Runs, and Numbers, commencing each with the least expensive labour.