Double-Hung Sashes

Refer to the dimensions of Window Openings.

Sashes And Frames

Measure these per foot super. The dimensions will be the same as the brick deductions for internal reveals. Fully describe the sashes and frames, and keep the different kinds separate. Where two or more different descriptions occur in a building, much writing may be saved on the dimension sheets by referring to them by letter. The following example gives two ordinary descriptions of double-hung sashes and frames:-







Deal cased frames of 1" inside and outside linings, 1 1/4" pulley stiles, and 3/4" back lining, with inside beads, parting slips, etc.; all rebated and grooved together, and 3" oak sunk, weathered, and cheek-throated sills, and 2"ovolo-moulded sashes, double hung, with best flax lines, brass axle pulleys, and iron weights; the frames grooved all round for finishings; in No. 4 win- dows.


Do. do. but divided into small squares by 1" ovolo-moulded sash bars; in No. 3 windows, in No. 12 squares each.

Venetian Frames And Sashes, Two-Light Frames, With Centre Boxing And Sashes, Etc

Measure as just described, and give their full description.


Measure per foot super., and keep the different size squares separate, as in squares not exceeding 2, 4, 6, or 8 feet sup. per square, or as the case may be. Glass in irregular shapes should be measured square, and described as cut to shapes. In the case of plate glass in large squares, instead of describing it as cut to shapes, it is better to measure circular cutting and risk separately per foot run. Quadrant corners may be numbered and radius stated.


Number the moulded horns.


Any extra labours to meeting or bottom rails should be measured per foot run.

Water Bar And Bedding In White Lead

Measure per foot run.

Groove In Stone (Stating What Kind Of Stone)

Measure per foot run, if not already included in the descriptions of the stone and oak sills respectively. In the case of double-hung sashes and frames, the groove in oak should always be separately measured, otherwise its value has to be spread over a super. dimension. Use the same dimension as for the water bar.

Groove In Oak

Measure per foot run, etc., as above.

Groove In Oak 59

Fig. 29.


Number the sash fasteners, sash lifts, and sash pulls, and state their p.c. value.