Chimney Bars

Provide and fix to all chimney openings 2 by 3/8-inch cambered chimney bars caulked up and down at ends.

Rolled-Steel Joists

Provide, hoist, and fix the rolled-steel joists of the various sections shown or figured on the drawings, with all necessary angle plates and cleats, fish-plates, holes, bolts, and connections as shown.

The small joists embedded in the concrete floors to be in long lengths where possible, with butt joints over girder connected with 1/4-inch fish-plates and one 1/2-inch bolt and nut to each side of joist. Where these joists abut against side of main girders they are to be cleated to same with one 1/4-inch angle cleat, and No. 2 |-inch bolts to each.


All joists to have bearings at each end of not less than their depth, and no bearing to be less than 6 inches.


The stanchions to be of wrought steel built up to details, with cap and base plates and brackets riveted on as shown.

No rivet hole to approach nearer the edge of the plate than its own diameter.

The bases of stanchions to be run with cement, and secured to base stones with No. 4 to each 1 1/8-inch lewis bolts 8 inches long leaded to stone.

Core Rails And Balusters

The handrail to basement stairs to have 1 1/4 by 1/4-inch core rail screwed to same, and -inch square balusters two to each step7/8 let in and run with lead and screwed to core rail with stove screws.


Provide one 350-gallon and one 200-gallon galvanised wrought-iron riveted cisterns of 1/8-inch metal with tension rods across same to stay sides and angle irons at top and angles, and hoist and fix where shown in roof on and including the requisite T-iron bearers. Cut and drill all holes required for plumber.

Grates and Range - Provide the sum of nett for grates and ranges, and add profit and carriage.


Provide the sum of nett for mantelpieces, and add for profit, carriage, and fixing complete.

Escape Staircase

Provide the sum of nett for cast-iron escape staircase, delivered and fixed complete from basement to attic floor.


Provide the sum of nett for passenger lift, delivered and fixed complete with all guides, gearing, etc.


Provide the sum of nett for kitchen lift, delivered and fixed complete.

Allow for attending upon, cutting away for, and making good after escape staircase and lift engineers in all trades.

Iron Guard Railings

Provide the sum of nett for wrought-iron movable guard railings to shop fronts, with gates in same and gun-metal locks and fastenings, and fitting to shop front complete, and add for profit and attendance.