Frame the main stairs from shop to showroom in teak with 2-inch treads with moulded nosings and 2-inch risers rebated and screwed together, glued, blocked, and bracketed on and including 4 1/2 by 3-inch American oak carriages, the ends of treads and risers housed to 2-inch moulded wall strings ramped as required, and mitred at angles.

The employees' stairs to be similar, but with 2-inch moulded and beaded close outer string.


The landings to be 2-inch teak cross tongued on 4 1/2 by 2-inch American oak bearers.

Nosings And Apron Linings

Put to edges of landings 4 by 2-inch tongued and rounded nosings, and 1-inch rebated and beaded apron linings.


To be Indian teak french polished, moulded to detail; that to shop stairs to be supported on 2-inch teak turned and moulded balusters to detail, tenoned both ends, and that to employees' staircase on 2-inch square teak balusters, tenoned both ends; where against wall or partition, to be supported on cast-iron hand-rail brackets, p.c. each. The handrail to basement stairs to be 2-inch rounded birch prepared for core-rail.


The newels to be in Honduras mahogany to detail, to be fixed to concrete floors with galvanised iron dowels run with lead, and the wood flooring cut and fitted around.

The ends of strings and handrails to be housed to newels, also the ends of risers and the ends of treads notched and fitted to ditto.


The counters to be in Honduras mahogany french polished, with 1 1/4-inch top thickened to 2 1/2 inches on front edge, and moulded, and to 2 inches square at back; the front to be 1 1/4-inch framed, panelled and bolection moulded with pilasters, consoles and moulded plinth as shown, the ends and divisions to be 1 1/4 inch deal-framed, fitted at back with deal drawers and cupboards as shown; the drawers to be dovetailed with 1 1/4-inch bead butt fronts and 5/8-inch sides and bottoms on wainscot runners, and furnished with drawer locks, p.c. each, and brass handles; the cupboards to have 1 1/4-inch square framed doors hung on a pair of 3-inch wrought-iron butts to each, and furnished with cupboard locks, p.c. each, and brass knobs and turn buckles; fit up with 1-inch cross-tongued shelves on 2 by 1-inch wrought chamfered bearers and 1-inch cross-tongued bottom and bearers and 1 by 4-inch wrought chamfered plinth, the whole to detail.

Form quadrant corners to counter where shown.

Form flaps in counter top where shown, hung on 2-inch brass counter hinges and furnished with brass flap-catch, and form wickets under same in counter front hung on a pair of 3-inch brass butts to each, and furnished with 4-inch brass barrel bolts (one to each).

Pipe Casing

Provide and fix where directed feet super, of 1-inch wrought deal pipe casing, fixed with brass cups and screws to 1 1/2-inch wrought, rebated, and beaded grounds.


Provide and fix in kitchen store as shown one row of 1-inch deal cross-tongued shelving on 3 by 2-inch wrought deal uprights and bearers cut and pinned into walls with one row of 1 by 11-inch and one row of 1 by 9-inch wrought deal shelving over on 2 by 1 1/2-inch wrought deal gallows brackets, including all requisite ship lap joints, etc.

Provide feet super, of 1-inch wrought deal cross-tongued shelving on and including 2 by 1-inch wrought deal chamfered bearers and backings plugged to walls, and fix where directed.

Mantel Shelf

Put in kitchen 1 1/2-inch wrought deal mantel shelf 9 inches wide, with rounded corner and fitted end on cut and wrought brackets, cut and pinned into wall.

Meter Shelf

Provide a 1 1/4-inch wrought deal cross-tongued meter shelf on 2 by 1 1/2-inch wrought deal framed brackets plugged to wall, and fix where directed.

Draining Board

Provide and fix to scullery sink as shown 1 1/4-inch teak grooved draining boards with rims fixed on, and including 2 by 1 1/2-inch wrought deal chamfered bearers.


Provide and fix where shown in kitchen proper framed dresser 6 feet long and full height of room with 2 inches wrought deal top 2 inches thick and 18 inches wide, with rounded edges fixed on 3 by 3-inch wrought deal legs and 3 by 1 1/2-inch bearers with 1 1/4-inch pot board and bearers below and 1-inch skirting and 1 row of proper dovetailed drawers as described to back of "Counter," complete with knobs and drawer locks and four tiers of 1 1/4-inch shelves on 2 by 1-inch wrought chamfered bearers, 4,7,9, and 9 inches wide respectively, grooved for plates and fitted with brass cup-hooks, and 1 1/4-inch shaped ends and divisions and 1 inch fascia and 3 by 2-inch cornice at top and 3/4-inch matched and V-jointed back, all framed together to details.

Letterplate, Etc

Pierce door for and fix approved brass letterplate, p.c. , and put galvanised wire letter cage inside, value p.c.


Provide all necessary attendances on other trades requiring it.