Number this complete. State name of manufacturer and catalogue number, or p.c. value, the description to run "and add profit, carriage, and fixing complete." Include the joints in the description.

Soil Pipe

Measure per foot run. State the diameter, and if of lead, describe it as "drawn lead soil pipe equal in thickness to 8 lbs. lead," and include "tacks and fixing to hard-wood plugs in brick joints," or as the case may be. State if tacks are cast, and if with astragal, and kind of nails. If the soil pipe be of cast iron, state diameter and weight per lineal yard, and describe the fixing, etc. If it is to be coated with Dr. Angus Smith's or other solution, include it in the description.

Bends (To Lead Soil Pipe)

Number as "Extra for."

Branch Joints


Bends (To Iron Soil Pipe)

Number as to Rain-Water Pipe.



Hood And Straps (To Lead Pipe)


Wire Balloon Cover (To Lead Or Iron Pipe)

Number, and describe.

Hole Through Wall And Making Good

Number as previously described.

Brass Ferrule

Number, and state size. Include joints to lead and stoneware pipes in the description.

Joint Of Iron Soil Pipe To Drain

Number, and describe.

Sets Of Collars And Stays To Ventilating Pipes

Nutnber and describe. State whether to iron or lead pipe, etc., as, e.g., " Set of two 1/2-inch diameter wrought iron stays, 4 feet long, and collar to lead ven-tilating pipe, and fixing to slated roof, including 6 lbs. lead, slate, and joints complete."

Antisiphonage Pipe

Measure per foot run, and describe, including tacks and fixing. If 2 inches diameter or over, number the bends as "Extra for." Number the branch joints. Number and describe any special joints, such as those of lead to stoneware or iron.

Holes Through Wall, Etc

Number as previously described.

Lead Safe, And Warming Pipe, Etc

Measure as described to Bath.

W.C. Seat to Pedestal Closet. - Number complete, and describe or state p.c. value.

Seat And Riser

Measure per foot super. Where seat and riser are of different descriptions, keep them separate. Include deal framed bearers; or these can be measured separately, as previously described.

Hole Cut And Dished For Pan


Hole Cut And Dished For Handle


Flap And Frame

Measure per foot super., and describe. Number the hinges.


Measure as described to Bath Top.

Water-Waste Preventer

Number this complete, with ball valve, and all inlet and outlet unions. State how many gallons, and give catalogue number or p.c. value. Include backboard and cast-iron brackets and fixing, and all joints to pipes.

Chain And Pull

Number, and state p.c. value.

Short Length Of Overflow Pipe

Number, and state size and length, and include brass or copper back flap.

Hole Through Wall

Number as previously described.

Flushing Pipe

Measure per foot run, including tacks and fixing (describe tacks).


Number as before described.

Canvas And Putty Joint To Flushing Arm


Brass Clips And Rubber Buffers

Number. These are fixed on flushing pipes to receive the hinged seat when lifted up.

Paper Boxes. - Number and describe.

Joiner attend Plumber to W.C. . . .




to Safe . . .



to W.W.P. Cistern