Open up roadway, etc., drill Company's main, fix 1-inch brass ferrule and lay 1-inch lead main from Company's main to front wall laid in rough deal trough and covered with pitch, and make good roadway and pavement to the satisfaction of the Authorities, or pay the Company for doing the work, and pay all fees.

Continue the 1-inch pipe as rising main to the two cisterns in roof.

Branch from rising main with 3/4-inch pipe to draw off in area and scullery, and where indicated on plans.


Take from smaller cistern in roof 3/4-inch service to baths and lavatories, with 1/2-inch branches to water-waste preventers.

Take from larger cistern 1-inch service to hot-water cylinder as previously specified, and branch with 3/4-inch to scullery sink and over copper.

The following cocks to be Lambert's best high-pressure screw-down, with stuffing box, or others of equal quality approved by the architect: -

Stop Cock

Provide and fix on rising main 1-inch brass stop cock, and on each service from cisterns brass stop cock of the size of the services.

Provide and fix in pavement 1-inch brass stop cock and cast-iron box and cover complete with key, and make good to the satisfaction of the Local Authorities.

Ball Valves

Provide and fix in cisterns 1-inch approved brass equilibrium ball valves with brass rods and copper balls.

Bib Cocks

Provide and fix 3/4-inch brass bib cocks over sink and copper, and at point in area, and where shown.


Provide and fix in cisterns all requisite brass screw unions, with screw cap and lining prepared for lead pipes.