The Portland stone to be the best selected Whitbed, free from clay or sandholes, black fossils, or other defects.


The whole of the front is to be faced with Portland stone, as described, worked and rubbed to detail drawings; the plain ashlar to average 7 inches on bed; the pilasters, cornices, pediments, dressings, etc., to be well tailed back and bonded to the brick backing as shown on the details.

Fit To Rolled-Steel Joists

Properly cut and fit the stone cornices across shop and showroom windows to rolled-steel joists at back, and securely fixed to same with wrought-iron straps bolted to the girders, and secured to the stone with lewis bolts leaded in.


Provide the sum of nett for carving to be executed by a carver selected by the architect. The builder is to perform the necessary bosting, and provide the necessary scaffolding, platforms, etc., and all cloths and other protection from inclement weather as may be required.

All window sills to be grooved for metal tongues.