Measure per foot super. Describe as cross-tongued if over 9 inches wide. Include bearers in the description, and state their size, if chamfered and if plugged. This only means the bearers against walls or partitions. If edges of shelves are rounded or moulded, take a running dimension of the labour.

Ship Lap Joints

Measure per foot run, where end of one shelf abuts against front of another.

Framed Bearers

Measure per foot run. - Allow for framings, and state size and if wrought. Number ends cut and pinned, and plaster made good to.

Gallows Brackets

Number. State height, projection, and scantlings, and if plugged.

Cupboard Front

Measure per foot super., and describe, including the doors, as, e.g., "1 1/4-inch wrought and beaded cupboard front, with four-panel moulded and square doors in same," or "with moulded and square doors in same, hung folding in No. 8 panels the set," or as the case may be. If dwarf cupboard front, state it. Take plugging per foot run to edges of framing against walls.

Labour To Rebate And Bead

Measure per foot run.

Hinges And Ironmongery

As before.

Cross-Tongued Cupboard Ends

Measure per foot super., and state thickness.


Measure the angles per foot run, and describe as "tongued and mitred," "rebated, grooved, and beaded," or as the case may be.

Solid Quadrant Corners

Measure per foot run. State radius, and describe them as "grooved and tongued," or "grooved and rebated to framing both edges." The framing should be measured short of these.

Cross-Tongued Top

Measure per foot super. Include bearers.

Scribing To Top

This should only be measured to raking edge, or edge against brickwork.


In addition to scribing, remember to make the usual allowance of 3 inches for cutting and waste to all raking edges of shelves, cupboard tops, etc., or to take a lineal dimension of this labour, stating the thickness of the material.


Measure as previously described.


Measure per foot run, and describe, stating size.



Mitred And Returned Ends


Fitted Ends



Number and fully describe, giving length and height, and thickness and width of top; state the number of drawers, and in how many rows, and describe them, including locks, knobs, etc. Also describe cupboards, including ironmongery, shaped ends, and standards (state how many), how many tiers of shelves, and their thickness and respective widths, top cornice, back, etc., complete. Number the dresser hooks.