Measure the timbers per foot cube, the tenons to be measured in. It will often be convenient to measure per foot run, and cube on the Abstract as explained for floors. Bill as "Fir framed in quarter partitions." Keep trussed partitions separate, and bill as "Fir framed in trussed partitions," and note that the whole of the timbers, including the quarters, will be so billed. Measure the nogging pieces per foot run, and state their size. Number the solid bridging pieces, and state that they are framed in between joists, and give depth of joists. These are taken where the sill of partition runs parallel to the floor joists. They should be about 2 feet 6 inches apart.

Bricknogged Partitions

Measure the timbers, and bill with quarter partitions. Measure the brickwork per foot super, over the whole surface (not to be reduced), and describe as "in bricknogged partitions, timbers measured in."

Ironwork In Straps And Bolts

See similar item under Roofs.