Fender Walls

Half-brick fender walls are measured per foot super, and not reduced.

The Digging, Concrete, and Footings to Fender Walls measured as previously described.

Damp Course

As before described.


Measure per foot cube. As there is usually a lot of this item, and all of the same scantlings, it will often save labour to take these off per foot run. State their scantlings and cube the total on the Abstract. Allow in the length twice their width for every angle, and 6 inches for laps every 20 feet in length. Bill as "Fir in plates and lintels."


Measure and bill with plates.

Ground Joists

Measure per foot run and cube on Abstract as described to plates. Bill as " Fir in ground joists," keeping them separate from upper-floor joists, as there is no framing.

Concrete Under Floors

Measure per foot super., bill in yards, and state thickness.

Air Bricks

Number and describe them, and include forming openings (state if cranked), and building-in and rendering openings in cement.

Wall-Plates For Upper Floors

Taken floor by floor, and measured as before described. Billed as " Fir in plates and lintels."

Plates Fitted And Bolted To Sides Of Rolled Steel Joists

Measure and bill these per foot run, and include the holes and bolts in the description, as, e.g., "With and including 1/2-inch bolts 3 feet apart, with heads, nuts, and washers."

Joists To Upper Floors

Room by room and floor by floor per foot run, cubed on Abstract, and billed as "Fir framed in floors." This will be to all floors having rooms under.

Deduct joists for voids.

Ends Of Joists Cut And Fitted To Rolled Steel Joists

Number these, and state size of joists.

Trimmer Joists

Measure the extra thickness of these per foot run.


Measure per foot run.

Cubed on Abstract, and billed under " Fir framed in floors."

Herring-Bone Strutting

Measure per fool run, stating size, and to what depth of joists.