The sand to be clean, sharp and free from all impurities, and washed if required.


The lime to be approved fat lime, that for the setting coat to be run into putty at least one month before it is required for use.


The cement to be Portland, as described in Bricklayer.


The laths to be lath and half heart of Baltic fir split laths with butt joints, the joints frequently broken, and nailed with galvanised wrought-iron nails.


The hair to be best long cow hair well beaten, and used in the proportion of 1 lb. of hair to 3 cubic yards of mortar.

Float and Set - Float and set on concrete partitions.

Soffits Of Concrete

Hack soffits of concrete floors to form key for plaster, and dub out where required to form level soffit, and float and set same.


Render, float and set internal faces of all walls except where otherwise specified.

Lath And Plaster

Lath plaster, float and set stud partitions.


Lath plaster, float and set on wood joist ceilings, and soffits of stairs part flueing.


Run plaster moulded cornices to detail, including fir cradling or as required, and all mitres, mitred and returned ends fitted ends, etc., and of the following girths:-


Girth of Cornice.

Expanded Metal Lathing

Cover the sides and soffits of rolled-steel joists with expanded metal lathing secured to the cradling for plaster or cornices.


Run plaster quirk against wood beads of apron linings, linings of skylights, etc.


Twice whiten ceilings and soffit of stairs.


Twice distemper to a selected tint with approved washable distemper all plastered walls, partitions, etc., except where otherwise specified.

Keene's Cement

Set around stanchions in Keene's cement, on Portland cement grounds, on and including expanded metal lathing secured with stout copper wire.

Keene's Cement Angles

All salient angles of plaster to be in "Keene's" cement, slightly rounded with 1-inch wings on Portland cement grounds.

Portland Cement

Render and set in Portland cement for a height of 18 inches above scullery sink and draining boards with flush bead at top stopped.