Add for Trimmer Rafters, - their length by their extra thickness by their depth. These may be taken off, run, and cubed on the Abstract as previously described.

Add for Trimmers per foot cube. Remember to measure in the tenons in the length.

Deduct Slating or Tiling . .

As previously directed.

Deduct Boarding . . . .

Deduct Felt ..

Add Cuttings to Slating or Tiling

Add Cuttings to Boarding . .

Follow on with gutter boards and bearers, short lengths of roll, gusset pieces and titling fillets. Lead in gutters, soakers, flashings, stepped flashings, and aprons. Fixing soakers, and rake, wedge, and point flashings, and step flashings, the modes of measurement for which have been already explained.


Measure the same items as to chimney stacks, except that there will be no stepped flashing, and that copper nailing and bedding edge of lead in white lead will take the place of rake, wedge, and point. State whether the copper nailing is "open" or "close." "Close" is about 1 inch apart.

Ridge and Hip Rolls, if any, and the lead to ditto are measured as previously explained.


Measure per foot run, stating size, and describe as "Wrot dovetailed curb," or as the case may be.


Measure per foot super., and fully describe, stating the thickness, and if with moulded or chamfered bar. If hipped, state it, also if hung or fixed. If a portion only is to open, number it as "Extra," and state size and fully describe.


Number. In the case of pulleys, lines, and cleats, the height above floor should be stated.


Measure per foot super. State the widths. Any irregular portions to be measured, square and described as "Cut to shapes measured square."

Copper Tail Clips

Number, and state size and gauge.

Condensation Sinkings

Number and describe. Give sketch if necessary.

Condensation Holes

Number, and state thickness of wood.


Measure per foot super.


If there be a shaft formed from skylight to ceiling level, this should now be measured. If lath-and-plastered, the fir backings might be measured as "fir framed in roofs," and the lath and plaster billed with that to partitions.