Deductions and additions to main roof as to Skylight, etc.


See Curb to Skylight.

Lead Covering to Curb is billed by weight, and kept separate. Allow 3 inches for passings and 6 inches at angles.

Copper Nailing to Ditto as previously described. The lead covering of curb may be dressed over slates at sides and front, in which case take tilting fillets to sides; or it may be dressed under the slates and over fillet as a secret gutter; or it may form a cover flashing over soakers. The modes of measurement in either case have been previously explained.

Take a back gutter as to Skylights.

Trap And Rims

This is better numbered and described in one item.

Lead Covering To Trap

Measure per foot super., and bill by weight, and describe as in Covering to Trap.

Bossed Angles To Ditto

Number. Copper Nailing. - Measure per foot run.