Flooring - Measure nett per foot super., and bill in squares of 100 feet super., and describe.

Cuttings are measured to all raking edges. Some surveyors allow the length by 3 inches for these, but it is far the better practice to measure and bill all such labours per foot run.


Deduct all voids as they occur, including hearths.

Glued And Mitred Margins To Hearths

Measure these per foot run as extra on flooring, stating the thickness of flooring and width of margin.

Flooring In Openings And Recesses

Measure and bill separately, and describe as in small quantities in openings and recesses, including bearers. Bill in feet super.

Sinkings For Mats

Number these, and state size (which may be averaged) as "Labour forming sinkings in 1-inch flooring," or as the case may be, "including cutting-down joists "; or if a cement finish is specified under the mat, deduct the flooring and take a numbered item for "cutting-down and filleting joists, 3/4 inch pugging boards, coke-breeze concrete filled in between, and 3/4-inch cement floated surface." The mitred margin and riser may in either case be included with the numbered item, or measured per foot run as extra on flooring for glued and mitred margin and wrot fillet rebated both edges, and grooves in flooring and margin. If cement finished sinking, omit the "groove in flooring" from the description. State the thickness of flooring, width of margin, and size of riser.


Measure per foot run, where edge of flooring adjoins pavings, etc.

Wood-Block Floors

Measure per foot super., and bill in yards. Fully describe the flooring and method of laying, and state that it includes all cutting and fitting to walls, and is measured nett. If one of the patent kinds be specified, get an estimate from the manufacturers and treat as a provision; or measure as above described, and state that it is to be laid complete by the manufacturers.


Measure per foot run, and describe them, including the grounds. If tongued to floor, state it, and include the groove. If against walls, state that they are plugged.

Deduct for Doors, etc.; or this may be done at the time of measuring the door, in which case the fitted ends or housed ends against the architrave would be taken at the same time.

Tongued and Mitred Angles External and Internal, Fitted Ends, Housed Ends, etc., are numbered and written short in Bill. Take heading joints to lengths over 20 feet.

Rough Rendering Behind Skirtings

Measure per foot super., billed in yards. If on partitions, state that it includes lathing.

Deduct Render, Float and Set, or Lath, Plaster, Float and Set, if this has previously been measured down to floor.

Dados (Wood)

Measure per foot super., and describe. If panelled, state how many panels in height. Include grounds with the description. State their size, and if plugged.

External And Internal Angles, Housings, Etc

Measure per foot run, describing them and including any bead or moulding as, e.g., "Rebated, grooved, and moulded external angle."


Measure per foot run, and describe.

External And Internal Mitres, Fitted Ends, Etc


Rough Rendering, And Deductions Of Rendering Or Lath And Plaster

See similar items under Skirtings.


Deduct Plaster and Paper.

Take a numbered item for making good plaster around chimney-pieces.