Basins Complete With Valves And Wastes

These are generally selected from a trade list. If in a range, the cast-iron underframes will also most probably be supplied with them. The top may or may not be included. If it is not included, number it and describe, stating size and method of fixing. Include the rounded edge, quadrant corners, etc., and the perforations, stating how many. Take the plinth per foot run. State size and how fixed, and number the mitres, returned ends, etc.

Include packing, carriage, and fixing with the apparatus, and also all connections to pipes.

Single Lavatory Basins

Number. State catalogue number or p.c. value, and add for packing, carriage, and fixing, etc., as just described. Measure deal bearers, etc., as previously directed; also the enclosure underneath.

Traps And Pipes

Measure the traps and the overflow, waste, and ventilating pipes as described under Sinks. The same remarks as to antisiphonage will apply here. Number the branch joints as they occur.

Wire Balloon Covers to top of ventilating pipes. Number.

Holes Through Wall And Making Good

As before described.


Number, as "Joiner attend Plumber to lavatory," or "lavatory range." If the latter, state how many basins.