Number the baths complete, with valves and waste. State number in trade catalogue (or give p.c. value, and add profit and carriage); and include fixing and all connections to pipes.

Deal Cradle

If not a Roman bath, take deal cradle. This is a numbered item.

Traps, Overflow, Waste And Ventilating Pipes, Branch Joints, Wire Covers, Holes Through Walls, Etc

As to Sinks and Lavatories.

Lead Safe

Measure the lead per foot super., and bill by weight, and describe as in Safes.

Bossed Corners

Number, and state height.

Rebated Hole In Floor For Outlet


Waste Pipe From Safe

Measure per foot run. Number the tafted soldered joint to safe, and the brass or copper hinged back flap, and the hole through wall and making good; or, if it be a short length of pipe, it may be numbered, and the length stated, and all the foregoing items included.

Bath Top

Number and describe, stating size, etc., and how fixed, and if with brass screws.


Measure per foot run. Include the grounds, and number the mitres, returned and rounded ends, etc.


Measure per foot super., and describe. If any portion is fixed with brass cups and screws so as to be easily removable, number it as extra on the enclosure, and state its size.

If there are doors in the enclosure, number them as extra, and measure the rebate and bead per foot run, and number the ironmongery.

Joiner Attend Plumber To Bath


Joiner Attend Plumber To Safe