Measure per foot super.


As before described.


As before described.


Measure per foot super., and fully describe. State thickness, and in how many panels, etc. If any unusual arrangement of panels, give sketch.

Keep folding doors separate. Allow in the width for rebates to meeting stiles. Describe them as " folding," and state in how many panels the set. Measure the labour to rebate and bead per foot run. Where doors are to be glazed, state that the "top panel" is open, and prepared for glass with loose mouldings, fixed with brass cups and screws, mitred around, or as the case may be. If sashed in small squares, state it.


As previously described.

Hinges And Furniture

As previously described.

Door Frame And Transomes

As described for Casement frames.

Iron Dowels and Mortices in fir and York stone are numbered, and billed in three items in Ironmonger, Joiner, and Mason. Where one dimension has to be billed three times it is entered on the dimension sheets as follows:-



G.I. dowels


Mortices in York stone


Mortices in fir.

Linings, Architraves, Foot Blocks, Arch Board, etc - Measure as described to Windows.

Groove For Linings Or Plaster

Measure per foot run.

Deduct Plaster and Paper.