Deduct Brickwork in External Reveals, the width by the height from top of stone sill to head.

Deduct Facings, same dimensions as last.

Add Facings for reveals the width by the height of reveals.

Arch (Brick)

Measure per foot super. as extra only on common brickwork. Take the height of the voussoirs by the mean length between the intrados and extrados; then take the soffite, its width by its length.

Deduct Facings (For Arch)

Take the same dimensions as for the face of the arch.

Fair Skewback Cutting

Measure per fool run.

Fair Circular Cutting

Measure per foot run.

Centering Or Turning-Piece

Measure per foot super. to soffites exceeding 9 inches, and per foot run to those not exceeding 9 inches in width. State the kind of soffite, whether segmental, semicircular, etc.; and that it includes the necessary strutting. Keep centering to gauged arches separate, and describe it as close boarded.

Stone Sill

Measure per foot rim, and describe all the labours upon it. If in scantling lengths, state it.

Jointed Ends

Where the sill is not in one length take two jointed ends for each joint. These are numbered.

Fair Ends or Fair Returned Ends, as the case may be. These are numbered.

Stooled Ends


Ends Cut And Pinned

Number and bill under the Facings.

Frames Bedded And Pointed

Numbered, and materials described. Frames over 24 feet super. are called large; over 36 feet super., extra large.

Deduct Brickwork Of Internal Reveal

For double hung sashes add 9 inches to the width and 3 inches to the height, and for solid frames add 4 1/2 inches, to the width and 3 inches to the height of the deduction of external reveals.

Lintel (Wood)

Measure per foot cube.

Rough Relieving Arch

Number, and describe as "Extra labour, cutting and waste" to rough segmental (or as the case may be) relieving arch, stating the height, width of soffite, and clear span. These may be averaged on the Abstract.

Fixing Fillets Or Wood Bucks

Number, state the size, and that they include building-in; or the fillets may be billed in the Carpenter and building-in separately billed in the Bricklayer.