Cover the roofs with hard well burnt Broseley plain tiles from an approved maker, sound, true to shape and even in colour, laid to a 4-inch gauge on and including 3/4 by 2-inch battens, and secured with two 2 1/4-inch copper nails to each, weighing 12 1/2 lbs. per M.

Hips And Valleys

The hip and valley tiles to be purpose made to course and bond with the general tiling, and to include all cutting and fitting.


Cover the ridges with approved half-round red ridge tiles bedded and pointed in cement.


Lay double eaves course to all eaves.


The verges to have tile and a half tiles to alternate courses bedded in hair mortar, and to have cement hollow fillet below.


Do all cutting required.

Hip Hook

Provide and fix at bottoms of all hips approved wrought-iron hip hooks screwed to back of rafters, p.c. each.

Clean Off

Clean out all gutters, and leave roof sound and weather-tight at completion.