The York stone to be from the Idle quarries, and of the hardest description.

Steps And Thresholds

Put to all external doorways, except the shop entrances, rubbed top and front edge and back jointed steps and thresholds of the full width of walls.


Put to all hearths except where otherwise specified 2 1/2 inches rubbed front and back hearths with jointed edges set in cement.

Cover Stones

Put on top of all rolled-steel joists carrying brick walls over, 3-inch self-faced cover stones with coped edges and of the full width of walls, and grooved as required for rivet heads.

Curbs To Pavement Lights

Provide and fix around pavement lights 9 by 6-inch rubbed and rebated curbs.

Window Sills

Put to all windows in back elevations rubbed, sunk, weathered, and throated sills 6 1/2 inches thick, grooved for metal tongues, and 6 inches longer than the openings, and 6 inches wider than the outside reveals.

Staircase To Basement

The staircase from basement to ground floor is to have rubbed, rebated, and back-jointed steps bedded in cement, the ends cut and pinned 6 inches into wall in cement, and the external ends rubbed fair, the noses of steps and landings to be arrised and each step mortised for two balusters.


The landings to be 4 1/2 inches thick, and thicknessed for top riser, rebated for steps, and mortised for balusters as required.


Provide and build in all requisite 3-inch self-faced corbels under projecting chimney breasts, etc.; built at least 9 inches into walls in cement, and of the sizes shown or required.


All steel joists (except the small joists embedded in concrete floors and lintels) to have tooled templates built in cement, size 18 by 9 by 6 inches, unless otherwise shown or figured.

Base Stones

Put under stanchions tooled base stones 6 inches thick of the sizes shown, bedded in cement and mortised for lewis bolts.

Marble Shafts

Work and fix the shafts of columns to shop and showroom windows as shown in polished marble to detail.

Clean Off

Case up and protect all stonework, and clean off and leave all perfect at completion.