Deduct the brickwork for opening.

Chimney Bar

Measure per foot run, and state size. Weigh out on abstract, and bill in cwts.

Relieving Arch

Number as "Extra labour, cutting and waste to rough segmental relieving arch." State whether in mortar or cement, and the height, width of soffite, and span.

Render Chimney Back

Number, and state kind of mortar.


Usually a provisional sum. State the number of stoves, and that the contractor must add for carriage and profit.

Setting Stoves

Number, and the kind of stove stated.

Setting Ranges

Number, and the kind of ranges stated.


Usually a provisional sum is given for these. State the number and kind (whether wood, iron, etc.), and that the contractor must add for profit, carriage, and fixing. Simple kinds of wood or other chimney-pieces intended to be made by the contractor may be numbered and described, and sketch given.

In the case of ordinary kitchen chimney-pieces, with stone or cement jambs and mantels and wood shelf, the simplest way is to number the sets of jambs and mantel, and fully describe, stating sizes of parts and width and height of opening. Number and describe the shelf and bearers, or measure it per foot run, and number the returned ends, rounded corners, etc.; also the wrought and cut bearers, including cutting and pinning in.

Next measure the Fender Walls (to ground floor fireplaces), with their digging, concrete footings, etc., as previously explained.

If to upper floors:-

Feather-Edged Springer

Measure per foot run.

Trimmer Arch And Levelling Up In Concrete

Measure per foot super.

Centering to Trimmer Arch per foot super. State if left in for lathing-to. If not, take Filleting to Soffite per foot super.

Dry Brick Filling

Measure per foot cube for filling up under concrete for ground-floor hearths.

Concrete (under ground-floor hearths) per foot super.

Floated Face on concrete for tile hearth per foot super.

Hearths And Back Hearths (Stone)

Measure per foot super., and describe. State thickness, and that they include jointed edges. If front and back hearths are in one piece, measure the notchings per foot run.

Hearths And Back Hearths (Cement)

Measure per foot super. and bill in yards. State thickness, kind of cement and proportions in which it is mixed, and how finished.

Hearths And Back Hearths (Tile)

Measure per foot super. and bill in yards, and give p.c. price of the tiles, and describe how laid. Measure cutting and waste to edges (where the tiles have to be cut). Keep raking cutting separate. Measure any Border of smaller tile per fool run.

Core And Parge Flues

Number these, and state their average length.

Chimney Pots And Setting And Flaunching In Cement

Number these, and state their p.c value.