Eaves Gutters

Provide and fix to eaves 5 by 4-ihch stout cast-iron moulded eaves gutters, No. in Messrs. 's catalogue, with all requisite angles, stopped ends, spigot outlets, etc., and jointed in red lead, and bolted together and screwed to fascia.

Rain-Water Pipes

Provide and fix where shown stout cast-iron rain-water pipes, the joints made in tow and red lead, fixed with wrought-iron dog nails to oak plugs in brick joints with all necessary bends, swan-necks, shoes, etc.; to be of the following sizes and weights:-



Weight per 6 Ft. Length.


The rain-water pipes to have moulded heads where shown, No. in Messrs. 's catalogue.

Pavement Lights

The pavement lights to be semi-prismatic, 4 by 3 inches, with convex lenses in alternate rows, to have approved weather bar at back, and to be obtained from Messrs.