Measure per foot super. State thickness, and describe as dovetailed. State if cross-tongued, if wrought both sides, and if prepared for lead.


Measure per foot super. State thickness. Describe as cross-tongued and screwed. If with brass screws, state it, and if prepared for lead.

Dished Holes For Outlets


Bearers To Outlets

As described under Shelves.

Lead Lining

Measure per foot super., and bill by weight. "Lead in sinks and cisterns" is billed together. Take the two ends and bottom in one piece, and a piece for each side. Allow 1 inch for lap at soldered angles, and the thickness of the sides for turn over at top.

Soldered Angles

Measure per foot run. Take four vertical angles, and two where sides meet the bottom.

Copper Nailing

Measure per foot run around top edge.

Brass Washer And Waste

Number. State size, and include the joints to sink and lead trap. If with grating or plug and chain, include these.


Number and describe, and state size, as, e.g., "2-inch Dubois drawn-lead trap with brass cap and screw burnt in, and joint to lead pipe."

Waste Pipe

Measure per foot run, stating size and weight per yard. Include wall-hooks or lead tacks, etc., and fixing. Bends may also be included to pipes under 2-inch internal diameter.

Note that where a sink is on an upper floor (unless the waste delivers into a rain-water head) the vertical waste should be carried up as a ventilating pipe, and a branch joint taken; and if more than one sink delivers into the same vertical waste, an antisiphonage pipe will be necessary.

Bends To 2-Inch Diameter Pipes And Upwards

Number as extra on the piping.

Holes Through Walls, And Making Good

Number, stating diameter of pipes, thickness of walls, and kind of facings, if any.

Enclosure Underneath Sink

Measure as previously described to cupboards, etc., and describe as "In dwarf enclosure."

Ironmongery To Sink


Deal Top

Number and describe, stating size.

Draining Boards

Number and describe. If supported on bearers plugged to the wall, include them and state their size.


Number the sinks for Joiner's attendance, as, e.g.:-


Joiner attend Plumber to sink.

Stoneware Sinks

Number, and state size and quality, and include half-brick bearers in cement, or iron brackets, etc., as the case may be.

Brass Washer And Waste And Joints To Stoneware And Lead Trap

Number. If with cobweb grating, include it.

Trap, Lead Waste, Etc

See under Leadlined Sinks.

Vertical Floated Face For Tiles

Measure per foot super., and describe as in small quantities.

Wall Tiling Over Sink

This may be taken out in detail and described as in small quantities over sinks, but is much better numbered and fully described, stating size, etc., as, e.g.:-


Tile lining over side and end of sink, total length 6.0 x 1.6 high, with Maw & Co.'s tiles, p.c. 10s. per yard at manufactory, and including angle tiles, and all cutting and waste, and making good edge of plaster to same.

Draining Board

As previously described to Lead-lined Sinks. Attendance. - Ditto.