The gas company make the connection to their main, and carry the piping to the front boundary of the property, so that all work up to that point is usually embodied in a clause somewhat as follows:-

"Pay Company for opening up roadway and connecting up from main to front boundary of premises, including stop cock and key, and cast-iron box in pavement, and making all good to the satisfaction of the Local Authorities."

If the company is also to supply the meter on hire, this may also be included in the foregoing clause, and also all connections up to the meter.

Take a meter shelf. This is numbered, including gallows brackets, and plugging and fixing to wall. State size of meter.

If Meter is not to be supplied by the company, number it and state its size in number of lights, and note that it is usual to take a meter for about five-eighths of the actual number of lights required.

Short Length of Compo. Pipe and Connection to Meter and Main. - Number.

Stop Cock And Loose Spanner

Number, including joints.


The quality, kind of joints, etc., is described in the Preamble. State if it includes T's, elbows, diminishing pieces, etc. If these are not included, they must be numbered. Measure the piping per foot run.

Gas Fittings

Usually a provision. Enumerate the articles covered by the provision, and let the description run: "and add profit, carriage, and fixing."


Number and describe, or let the provision include these; also the ceiling plates for the Pendants.


" Attend upon, cut away for, and make good after gasfitters in all trades." If floor boards over gas pipes are to be fixed with brass cups and. screws, state it here.