Number, and fully describe, including the flanged and riveted connections for pipes. State capacity in gallons. Include T-iron bearers cut and pinned to walls, and fixing complete.

Lead Supply Pipe

Measure as previously described for lead pipes, starting with its branch joint or connection to cold-water cistern, as the case may be.

Brass Screw Union, With Screw Cap And Lining, And Joints To Lead And Iron Pipe

Number, and state size. This for the connection of cold supply to cylinder.

Brass Stop Cock And Loose Spanner And Joints To Lead Pipe

Number, and state size.

Flow And Return Pipes

The iron piping is usually measured per foot run, including all back nuts, +'s T's, bends, elbows, etc., and wall-hooks and fixing complete; and a clause to this effect is inserted in the Preamble at head of "Hot-Water Service." The description and quality of the pipes and fittings also occurs in the Preamble, so that the description in the Bill is almost limited to sizes.

Start with the safety valve, which number and describe, and include joint to boiler. Then take drilling to boiler, and include flanged and bolted connections in the description. State size. Next take the flow and return pipes between the boiler and the cylinder; then the flow and return from and to the cylinder; then the steam pipe, and if carried through roof, number the hole through roof, tinned length of pipe, lead, slate, and tafted and soldered joint in one item. Next take the auxiliaryflowpipe (if any),and then proceed systematically with the branches, following each to its termination, and number the bib cocks as they occur. Remember that the Bath and Lavatory were taken, including hot and cold valves and all connections to pipes, so that it is now only necessary to measure the piping up to them. Note carefully on the dimension sheets the position of each length of pipe as it is measured, so that it can be readily traced at any future time and any variation adjusted. Number the stop cocks as they occur.


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