The pipes to be the very best strong galvanised wrought - iron steam piping of approved make, with all necessary short lengths, elbows, reducing sockets, T's and X's, bends, etc. (bends to be used in preference to elbows), and fixing with wall hooks.

All cocks to be Larbert's best gun-metal high-pressure screw-down stuffing box or other approved "hot water " cocks.


Provide and fix where shown in kitchen, strong galvanised wrought-iron hot-water tested cylinder, of Messrs. manufacture, to hold 50 gallons, fixed on wrought-iron T bearers, cut and pinned into walls, and drill all holes for pipes.

* Note. - These provisional sums would be arrived at by obtaining a special quotation from a firm of electrical engineers.

Flow And Return Pipes

Connect up between boiler and cylinder with 1 1/4-inch flow and return pipes as described, with flanged and bolted connections.

Lay on from cold cistern to cylinder 1-inch lead supply, connected to cylinder with flanged and bolted connection and screw cap and lining tinned for lead pipe.

Take 1-inch flow and return pipes from and back to cylinder, and from highest point of system take 1-inch steam pipe through roof, including 6-lb. lead slate and tafted soldered joint to pipe, and make good roof to same.

Auxiliary Flow Pipe

Connect the flow pipe to the cylinder with the flow pipe from same with 1-inch auxiliary flow pipe.

Take 3/4-inch branches from nearest points on return pipe to the baths, lavatories, and scullery sinks.

Safety Valve

Provide and fix on cylinder an approved safety valve.

Stop Cock

Provide and fix on flow pipe from cylinder a 1-inch wheel stop cock.

Bib Cocks

Provide and fix over scullery sink a 3/4-inch bib cock.

The hot-water service to be thoroughly tested and left perfect at completion.


Attend upon, cut away for, and make good after hot-water engineers in all trades.