Lay the third and attic floors with 1-inch best yellow deal batten flooring, laid straight joint with splayed headings well cramped up and nailed with cut brads to 3 by 2-inch splayed fillets embedded in the concrete, the 1/2-inch space between concrete and floor boards to be filled with bitumen.

Lay the ground, first and second floors with 1 3/8-inch wood block flooring supplied and laid by firms selected by the architect, and of the following p.c. values laid complete:-

Ground floor p.c.

. . .

per yard super.

First floor

. . .


Second floor ,,

. . .



Lay glued and mitred margins to all hearths.


Put to shop entrance doors 4 by 2-inch oak threshold with rounded nosing, and 1-inch riser tongued to same, and lower edge scribed to paving.

Put similar thresholds to entrances to lifts with 1-inch beaded apron lining tongued on below, including backings fixed to edge of concrete floors.


The skirtings to be tongued and mitred at angles and housed to architraves, etc., and secured to 2 by 3/4-inch backings, and to be as follows:-

Shops and Dining, Drawing and Club Rooms and Offices on second floor, 11 by 1 inch moulded to detail.

Showrooms, 1 1/4 inch moulded 15 inches high, to detail.

Kitchen and all rooms with wood floors on third and attic floors, 9 by 1-inch torus.


Form the stallboard with 1-inch wrought, grooved and tongued flooring well cramped up on and including 9 by 2 1/2-inch fir joists spiked to the coke breeze concrete. Put to inner edge of stallboard 4 by 1-inch Honduras mahogany tongued and rounded nosing and 1-inch riser tongued to same.