The deals and battens for the joiner's work are to be the best yellow, thoroughly well seasoned, free from sap, shakes, large, loose, or dead knots or other defects.

All other timbers hereafter mentioned to be of the best quality and thoroughly well seasoned.

All doors and other framings are to be got out and the panels slipped in, but not wedged up, as soon after signing the contract as possible, and allowed to stand in a warm dry shop until required.

All hardwood doors and framings over 2 inches thick and the lock rails of all doors to be double.

All glued joints are to be cross tongued.

All joiner's work is to hold when finished the full specified sizes and thicknesses.

All floor boards, skirtings, etc., where over gas or water pipes, bell wires, etc., are to be fixed with screws coated with tallow, so as to be easily removable.

Wrap all brass ware in tissue paper, and leave all bright and in proper working order at completion.

All joiner's work to include all necessary scribings, fittings, blockings, backings, pluggings, etc.

All work to be wrought where visible.