Knot, prime, stop, and well rub down all wood usually painted, except as hereafter mentioned, and paint same three coats of good oil colour to tints to be selected by Architect. The woodwork of dining-room, hall, and passages, except ceilings, to be stained with approved water stains and twice varnished to Architect's approval. Twice distemper hall ceilings and frieze in cream colour to approval. All other ceilings, including steel ceilings and soffits of verandah, to be painted three coats finished flatted white. Paint all ironwork one coat oxide before fixing, and all exposed ironwork two coats oil colour after fixing.

The walls throughout internally to be papered p.c. 2s. 6d. per roll, with friezes to dining-room and best bedroom, p.c. is. 6d. per yard run.

Kitchen and servants' room and pantry to be three times distempered in Muralo to selected tints.

The cement dado in kitchen to be painted three coats to choice.


Twice distemper all smooth plaster in limewash mixed with sea water.

Twice distempter all rough-cast in limewash as before, tinted with copperas.