Those portions of the external walls not tinted on elevations to be finished in one coat of three to one cement at least 3/4 inch thick. The walls of yard and outbuildings to be finished in 4 to 1 cement as before, one-coat work. All reveals to be finished in 2 to 1 cement.

The remainder of the walls tinted yellow to be finished in rough-cast in cement, and finish on 3 to 1 cement rendering 3/4 inch thick.

The spaces between half timber of gable to be plastered in cement 3 to 1 with hair mixed in same on two thicknesses of approved wire lathing.

All mouldings, copings, brick columns, chimney caps, sills, caps, panels, piers, etc., to be finished in two-coat work; other work 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 cement, all to details to be supplied.


The walls of dining-room, drawing-room, hall, passages, and best bedroom to be plastered in two-coat work finished in putty or plaster as hereunder.

All other walls throughout internally to be plastered with best one-coat 2 to 1 lime and sand, strengthened with 1/10th cement, and trowelled to a fine smooth surface. All salient angles to be finished in 3 to 1 cement finely trowelled.

Provide and fix where shown on drawings plaster plate partitions 2 1/2 inches thick, to be supplied and fixed by the South African Fireproof Plate-Wall Syndicate Ltd., and allow for profit, use of scaffolding, plant, etc.

Provide to chimneys approved plain red chimney pots 15 inches high, set and flaunched up in cement.

Allow for 2 yards of white glazed tiles finished with small tiled bead as margin to sink in kitchen.

Form dado round bathroom 3 feet 6 inches high, and round kitchen 4 feet 3 inches high, in cement 3 to 1 on Portland cement 4 to 1 backing trowelled smooth, and finished with flush bead on top.