5. Switch on standard must be so constructed that accidental contact with any live portion of same will be impossible.

6. All stranded connections in lamp and at switch and rheostats must be provided with approved lugs.

7. Rheostats must be plainly marked with their rated capacity in volts and amperes, and, if mounted on standard, must be raised to a height of at least 3 inches above floor. Resistance must be inclosed in a substantial and properly ventilated metal case which affords a clearance of at least 1 inch between case and resistance element.

8. A competent operator must be in charge of each arc lamp, except that one operator may have charge of two lamps when they are not more than 10 feet apart, and are so located that he can properly watch and care for both lamps.


Must be substantially constructed of metal and must not contain any exposed wiring.

The cable feeding same must be bushed in an approved manner where passing through the metal, and must be properly secured to prevent any mechanical strain from coming on the connection.


Must be constructed of steel of a thickness not less than No. 20 U.S. sheet metal gauge, treated to prevent oxidization, and suitably stayed and supported and so designed that flanges will protect lamps.

Cable must be bushed in a suitable manner where passing through the metal, and must be properly secured to prevent serious mechanical strain from coming on the connections.

Must be wired in approved conduit or armored cable, each lamp receptacle being inclosed within an approved outlet box, or the lamp receptacle may be mounted in an iron or steel box, metal to be of a thickness not less than No. 20 U.S. sheet metal gauge, treated to prevent oxidization, so constructed as to inclose all wires. Wires to be soldered to lugs of receptacles.

Portable Plugging Boxes

Must be constructed so that no current carrying part will be exposed and each receptacle must be protected by approved fuses mounted on slate or marble bases and inclosed in a fire-proof cabinet equipped with self-closing doors. Each receptacle must be constructed to carry 30 amperes without undue heating, and the bus-bars must have a carrying capacity equivalent to the current required for the total number of receptacles, and approved lugs must be provided for the connection of the master cable.

Pin Plug Conductors

Must be of an approved type, so installed that the "female" part of plug will be on live end of cable, and must be so constructed that tension on the cable will not cause serious mechanical strain on the connections.

Portable Conductors

Flexible conductors used from receptacles to arc lamps, bunches and other portable equipments must be approved stage cable except that for the purpose of feeding a stand lamp under conditions where conductors are not liable to severe mechanical injury an approved reinforced cord may be used, provided cut-out designed to protect same is not fused over six amperes capacity.

Scenery Lights

Where brackets are used they must be wired entirely on the inside, fixture stem must come through the back of the scenery, and end of stem be properly bushed.

Festooned Lights

Wiring of same must be of approved type, joints to be properly made, soldered and taped, and staggered where practicable.

Where lamps are used in lanterns or similar devices, approved guards must be employed.

Electrical Effects

Where devices ate used for producing special effects such as lightning, waterfalls, etc., the apparatus must be so constructed and located that flames, sparks, etc., resulting from the operation cannot come in contact with combustible material.