Tormentors And Grand Draperies Disadvantageous

The scenic equipment for the usual American theatre is given in the tabulated list that follows.

Excluded from this list are the front pieces usually termed "the drapery," "proscenium" and "working borders" and "tormentor wings," all of which are usually out of keeping with appropriate stage scenery. The proscenium opening is intended to represent an imaginary fourth wall of the stage, through which the audience is privileged to view the performance. If the stage presents a forest scene, to preserve this illusion it should be decorated only with forest scenery; if an interior, only with scenery appropriate to such a setting. Scenery "tormentors" and "grand draperies" are foreign to nearly every scene presented on the stage and only serve to disillusion the spectator. The installation of an inner proscenium arch would effectively remedy this display of extraneous scenic drapings.

The floor of the stage is usually covered with a painted canvas ground-cloth to correspond in tone with the scene on the stage. Economy may often be effected by painting the ground-cloth a different color on each side.

The usual American stock settings are made in from eight to sixteen pieces, according to the size of the stage to be dressed. Modern interiors are built about 16 feet high and each wing about 5 feet 9 inches wide. Profiled doors are preferably used instead of old-fashioned flapping canvas doors.

"Drops In One"

The "Drops in One," consisting of the picture sheet, conservatory, olio and street scene, are made a trifle wider than the proscenium opening. The object of "Drops in One," placed five or six feet behind the curtain line, is to allow the play to proceed without interruption in front of the drop while new scenery is being placed behind it.

Grand Entrance Stairways. German Theatre, Vienna.

Average Scenery Equipment - Location And Placing

Front Pieces.

Asbestos Curtain. Act Drop Curtain. Conservatory Drop. Olio. Street.

Palace Interior.

Back Drop. Cut Drop. Arched Borders. Profile Wings and Flippers. Leg Drops (instead of Borders or Wings.


Light and Dark Fancy Interiors.

Center Arch Piece. Arched Piece with Double Doors. Bay Wing. Door Wings. Jogs. Wings, including one with ireplace panel. Set Fancy Backings. Hanging Fancy Backing. Borders or Ceiling. Practical Fireplace. Fireplace Backings.

Plain Chamber Interior.

Arched Piece.

Wings, including one with fireplace panel. Door Wings. Window Wing. Bay Window.


Set Backings. Hanging Backing. Borders or Ceiling. Practical Fireplace.

Wood Interior.

Light Wood Drop.

Cut Wood Drops.

6 Profile Wood Wings with Flippers. 3 Foliage Borders. Foliage Leg Drops. Set House (with practical door and window). Porch.

Platform and Steps. Rustic Cottage. Cut Tree Tap. Profile Set Tree. Garden Drop. Profile Statues. Profile Vases. Rocky Pass Drop. Horizon Drop.

Kitchen Interior.

Window Wings. Window Pieces. Door Wings. Wings, including one with fireplace panels. Jogs.

Set Kitchen Backings. Borders.

Practical Fireplace. Prison Interior painted on back Kitchen interior.

Asphalia Stage (Left), Fortuny System Indirect Lighting (Right).

Asphalia Stage (Left), Fortuny System Indirect Lighting (Right).