(In Effect March 30, 1915.)

Section 520 Application of Article.

521 Buildings Must be Approved.

522 Auditorium Walls.

523 Dressing Rooms.

524 Fire-extinguishing Appliances.

525 Heating Plant.

526 Lights.

527 Means of Egress.

528 Partitions and Walls.

529 Proscenium Construction.

530 Protective Curtain.

531 Roof of Auditorium.

532 Seats.

533 Stage.

534 Miscellaneous Requirements. •

535 Storage Rooms; Workshops.

536 Use and Occupancy.

537 Jurisdiction of Fire Commissioner.

538 Saving Clause.

520. Application Of Article

Every theatre or open house or other building intended to be used for theatrical or operatic purposes, or for public entertainment of any kind hereafter erected for the accommodation of more than 300 persons, shall be built to comply with the requirements of this article. No building which, at the time of the passage of this ordinance is not in actual use for theatrical or operatic purposes, and no building hereafter erected not in conformity with the requirements of this section, shall be used for theatrical or operatic purposes, or for public entertainments of any kind, until the same shall have been made to conform to the requirements of this article.

521. Buildings Must Be Approved

No building described in the preceding section of this article shall be opened to the public for theatrical or operatic purposes, or for public entertainments of any kind, until the fire commissioner and the superintendent of buildings shall have approved the same in writing as conforming to the requirements of this article.

522. Auditorium Walls

Interior walls built of fireproofing materials shall separate the auditorium from the entrance vestibule, and from any room or rooms over the same, also from lobbies, corridors, refreshment or other rooms.

523. Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms may be placed in the fly galleries, provided that proper exits are secured therefrom to the fire escapes in the open courts, and that the partitions and other matters pertaining to dressing rooms shall conform to the requirements herein contained, but the stairs leading to the same shall be fireproof. All dressing rooms shall have an independent exit leading directly into a court or street, and shall be ventilated by windows in the external walls; and no dressing room shall be below the street level. All windows shall be arranged to open, and none of the windows in outside walls shall have fixed sashes, iron grills or bars.

524. Fire-Extinguishing Appliances

In every building described in paragraph 520 of this article there shall be provided:

1. Hose

A proper and sufficient quantity of 2 1/2-inch hose, not less than 100 feet in length, fitted with the regulation couplings of the fire department and with nozzles attached thereto, and with hose spanners at each outlet, shall always be kept attached to each hose attachment as the fire commissioner may direct.

2. Sprinkler System

A separate and distinct system of automatic sprinklers, with fusible plugs, approved by the superintendet of buildings, supplied with water from a tank located on the roof over the stage and not connected in any manner with the stand pipes, shall be placed at each side of the proscenium opening and on the ceiling or roof over the stage at such intervals as will protect every square foot of stage surface when said sprinklers are in operation. Automatic sprinklers shall also be placed, wherever practicable, in the dressing rooms under the stage and in the carpenter shop, paint rooms, store rooms and property room.

3. Standpipes

Standpipes 4 inches in diameter shall be provided with hose attachments on every floor and gallery as follows, namely: One on each side of the auditorium in each tier, also on each side of the stage in each tier, and at least one in the property room and one in the carpenter's shop, if the same be contiguous to the building. All such standpipes shall be kept clear from obstruction. Said standpipes shall be separate and distinct, receiving their supply of water direct from the power pump or pumps, and shall be fitted with the regulation couplings of the fire department, and shall be kept constantly filled with water by means of an automatic power pump or pumps, of sufficient capacity to supply all the lines of hose when operated simultaneously, and said pump or pumps shall be supplied from the street main and be ready for immediate use at all times during any performance in said building. In addition to the requirements contained in this section, the standpipes shall also conform to the requirements contained in paragraph 581 of this chapter.

4. Miscellaneous

There shall also be kept in readiness for immediate use on the stage, at least 4 casks full of water, and 2 (buckets to each cask. Said casks and buckets shall be painted red. There shall also be provided hand pumps or other portable fire-extinguishing ap-. paratus and at least 4 axes and two 25-foot hooks, two 15-foot hooks, and two 10-foot hooks on each tier or floor of the stage.

525. Heating Plant

Every steam boiler which may be required for heating or other purposes shall be located outside of the building. The space allotted to the same shall be inclosed by walls of masonry on all sides, and the ceiling of such space shall be constructed of fireproof materials. All doorways in the walls of boiler-rooms shall have fireproof doors. No floor register for heating shall be permitted. No coil or radiator shall be placed in any aisle or passageway used as an exit, but all said coils and radiators shall be placed in recesses formed in the wall or partition to receive the same. All supply return or exhaust pipes shall be properly incased and protected where passing through floors or near woodwork.

526. Lights

1. Adequacy

Every portion of the building devoted to the uses or accommodation of the public, also all outlets leading to the streets and including the open courts or corridors, shall be well and properly lighted during every performance, and the same shall remain lighted until the entire audience has left the premises. When interior gas lights are not lighted by electricity, other suitable appliances, to be approved by the superintendent of buildings, shall be provided.