534. Miscellaneous Requirements

1. Ceilings

The ceiling under each gallery shall be entirely formed of fireproof materials. The ceiling of the auditorium shall be formed of fireproof materials.

2. Ceiling. Coverings

None of the walls or ceilings shall be covered with wood sheathing, canvas or any combustible material. But this shall not exclude the use of wood wainscoting to a height not to exceed 6 feet, which shall be filled in solid between the wainscoting and the wall with fireproof materials.

3. Fronts Of Galleries

The fronts of each gallery shall be formed of fireproof materials, except the capping, which may be made of wood.

4. Lathing

All lathing, whenever used, shall be of wire or other metal.

5. Shelving And Cupboards

All shelving and cupboards in each and every dressing room, property room or other storage rooms, shall be constructed of metal, slate or some fireproof material.

535. Storage Rooms; Workshops

No workshop, storage or general property room shall be allowed above the auditorium or stage, or under the same or in any of the fly galleries. All of said rooms or shops may be located in the rear or at the side of the stage, but in such cases they shall be separated from the stage by a brick wall, and the openings leading into said portions shall have fireproof doors on each side of the openings, hung to iron eyes built into the wall.

536. Use And Occupancy

1. Restrictions

No portion of any building hereafter erected or altered, used or intended to be used for theatrical or other purposes as in this section specified, shall be occupied or used as a hotel, boarding or lodging house, factory workshop or manufactory, or for storage purposes, except as may be hereafter specially provided for. This restriction relates not only to that portion of the building which contains the auditorium and the stage, but applies also to the entire structure in conjunction therewith. No store or room contained in the building, or the offices, stores or apartments adjoining, as aforesaid, shall be let or used for carrying on any business, dealing in articles designated as specially hazardous in the classification of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, or for manufacturing purposes. No lodging accommodations shall be allowed in any part of the building communicating with the auditorium. When located on a corner lot, that portion of the premises bordering on the side street and not required for the uses of the theatre may, if such portion be not more than 25 feet in width, be used for offices, stores or apartments, provided the walls separating this portion from the theatre proper are carried up solidly to and through the roof, and that a fireproof exit is provided for the theatre on each tier, equal to the combined width of exits opening on opposite sides in each tier, communicating with balconies and staircases leading to the street in manner provided elsewhere in this section; said exit passages shall be entirely cut off by brick walls from said offices, stores or apartments, and the floors and ceilings in each tier shall be fireproof.

2. Above Theatre

Nothing herein contained shall prevent a roof garden, art gallery or rooms for similar purposes being placed above a theatre or public building, provided the floor of the same, forming the roof over such theatre or building, shall be constructed of iron or steel and fireproof materials, and that said floor shall have no covering boards or sleepers of wood, but shall be of tile or cement. Every roof over said garden or rooms shall have all supports and rafters of iron or steel, and be covered with glass or fireproof materials, or both, but no such roof garden, art gallery or room for any public purposes shall be placed over or above that portion of any theatre or other building which is used as a stage.

537. Jurisdiction Of Fire Commissioner

The stand pipes, gas pipes, electric wires, hose, footlights and all apparatus for the extinguishing of fire or guarding against the same, as in this article specified, shall be in charge and under control of the fire department, and the fire commissioner is hereby directed to see that the provisions of this article relating thereto are carried out and enforced.

538. Saving Clause

The provisions of the foregoing article shall not be construed to mean or made to apply to any theatre, opera house or building intended to be used for theatrical or operatic purposes, lawfully erected prior to June 3, 1904.