Standpipes shall be provided not less than 4 inches in diameter of wrought iron or galvanized steel, with hose connections, located as follows: One on each side of the stage on each tier, one readily accessible from the property room, the carpenter shop, scenery storage rooms, lobbies and elsewhere as may be required by the Department having jurisdiction. These standpipes, together with fittings and connection, shall be of such strength as to safely withstand at least 300 pounds water pressure to the square inch when installed and ready for service without leakage at joints, valves or fittings, and shall be provided with hose connections fitted with approved straightway gate valves at hose outlets.

Water Supplies For Standpipes

Said standpipes shall be kept constantly filled with water under pressure, and shall be supplied by at least one of the following sources: Water works, gravity tank, pressure tank, or fire pump.

The capacities and pressure shall be in accordance with the requirements of the department having jurisdiction.

Fire Department Connection

In addition to one or more of the above required supplies there shall be an approved Siamese Fire Department connection placed on the outside of building at each street front, installed in accordance with the requirements of the Fire Department, with suitable metal plate having raised letters securely attached to wall near the connection, reading "Standpipe."


A sufficient quantity of approved linen hose, 1 1/2 inches in diameter, in 50-foot lengths or enough to cover floor area, shall be kept attached to each hose connection; 25-foot lengths will be permitted in fly galleries. Hose shall be placed on approved racks and fitted with standard couplings at each end. Each line of hose shall be fitted with short play-pipe, with 5/8-inch smooth bore nozzle and provided with washers at both ends. Spanners shall be located at each hose connection throughout the building.

Miscellaneous Fire Appliances

There shall be on each side of the stage two axes, one 20 foot, one 15 foot and one 10 foot hook, as designated by the Fire Department. On each side of the stage, under the stage, on each fly gallery, also in property and other store rooms and in each workshop, there shall be kept in readiness for immediate use one approved 2 1/2-gallon hand chemical fire extinguisher and one 40-gallon cask filled with water, and 6 fire pails; said casks and buckets shall be painted red and lettered "For Fire Purposes Only." There shall also be provided at least three approved 2 1/2-gallon hand chemical fire extinguishers for each tier of the auditorium.

Fire Apparatus Under Control Of Fire Department

All apparatus for the extinguishment of fire shall be installed in accordance with the rules of the Fire Department and be kept at all times in condition satisfactory to and under control of the Fire Department.