In General

759. Promise all work two weeks from return of proofs.

760. All work to be delivered, finished, to the office on the thirteenth day.

In Detail

761. Register customer with name, address, number, etc., in studio register.

762. Develop all plates same day, and allow to dry over night.

763. Take negatives developed previous day to office first thing in the morning.

764 Write register number on upper edge of plate in one corner; name on other corner.

765. Send numbered negatives to proof retoucher.

766. Print proofs from proof-retouched negatives.

767. Number each proof on back to correspond with its negative.

768. Place all negatives of same number in one envelope, marking register number on outside of envelope.

769 Place envelope with negatives on "proofed negative" shelf.

770. Send proofs to office, stamp photographer's name on back, and place in a "return-proof" envelope.

771. Enclose "return-proof" envelope in a mailing envelope, and address latter.

772. Hold proofs until close of day's business, in case customer calls in person. Mail those not called for.

773. Mark on back of each proof returned, number of pictures wanted, style of finish, mount, etc., date when proof was returned, and date when finished pictures are promised.

774. If more than one negative is ordered from, register each negative and proof as follows: 84767-A, 84767-B, etc.

775. Place proofs in proof drawer, and at end of day look up corresponding negatives in negative envelope; bring latter to office and register in the studio register.

776. Place discarded negatives in a wooden box and hold for at least six months.

Place each selected negative and its proof in a negative envelope, on which is noted register number, name, number of pictures ordered, etc.

778. Send negatives to retoucher, who records the numbers in a note-book, and who is usually allowed six days to complete retouching. A list of negatives retouched each day is turned in to the office at night.

779. On seventh day, retoucher sends negatives to printer.

780. Printer finishes the work and turns in each day a list of finished negatives to the office, work to be finished not later than thirteenth day from date of return of proofs.

781. Have special days for printing and toning printing-out papers and platinum papers.

782. All work to be finished complete, mounting, spotting, etc., before sending in to office.

783. Enclose work, after inspection and acceptance by the one in charge, in tissue enclosures and wrap up for delivery.

784. File in cabinet for finished work.

785. File used negatives in numerical order on special shelves, placing negatives in negative envelope, glass side next to front of envelope.