552. General Shape Of Head

General Shape Of Head. Although not of so great importance to the retoucher, yet it is of value to know the most desirable shape for the head if the better characteristics of the individual are to predominate. You should clearly remember the shape of the head shown in

Figure 1, Illustration No. 39. This is a deceitful head. Notice the hollow spots on each side of the top; observe the form of the eyes, and also the pointed ears. Comparing this head with that shown in Figure 2, you will see a wide difference in all of these parts. This head is round and full, with a high forehead; the ears are rounding at the top, while the eyes are open.

553. In cases where the upper part of the head is narrow and the lower portion, through the jaw, is broad, the individual is, beyond doubt, of a lazy disposition. To counteract this appearance in the retouching it might be advisable to etch away a portion of the outline of the jawbone, and by penciling and removing part of the hair, to thus broaden the forehead and give a more balanced appearance, similar to the front view of the face shown in Fig. 2, Illustration No. 39. This is a typical, honest face and head, and it will pay you to remember it.

554. Mouth And Lips

Mouth And Lips. Much is expressed in the individual by the shape of the mouth and lips. A few examples are shown in Illustration No. 39. Figure 3 illustrates a deceitful mouth, while the honest mouth is shown in Figure 7. Figure 4 shows characteristic lips of the person having strong self-esteem and firmness. Figure 5 is the shape of the lips expressing strong friendship. An impulsive person will have lips similar to those illustrated in Figure 8. Signs of honesty are expressed by a firm, steady mouth, while those of selfishness are shown in the closely shut mouth, also thick lips, which do not show the red part to any extent. Selfishness is also expressed in the projection of the muscle under the lower lip, which causes it to look sullen and jealous. The thinner the lips the less affection. The more the teeth are shown the more love of applause.

555. Chin

Chin. Especially in profile views can the retoucher alter the character expressed by the chin. The chin which is shown in Illustration No. 39, Figure 6, is a deceitful one, and the consistency of the person having such a chin should not be depended upon. The square chin is the sign of honesty, and in retouching you should

Illustration No. 40. Character Chart   Ears

Illustration No. 40. Character Chart - Ears.

See Paragraph 557.

aim to secure the shape shown in Figure 7. Be careful, however, not to carry the work too far to the extreme, for by greatly altering the shape of a chin which expresses dishonesty, you will, of necessity, have to alter the other features as well. If one faculty is strongly developed in a feature it is in almost every case similarly developed in the others. Therefore, before attempting to work on or alter any portion of the face, you should make a careful study of all the features and decide upon your method of procedure, in each and every one of them. Then you are in a position to proceed with the modeling.

556. Again we would caution you not to carry the work to the extreme, so as to lose the likeness of the individual. A slight alteration, however, is often permissible.