710. Re-Sittings

Re-Sittings. The photographer who makes many different positions of his customers will have little trouble with re-sittings. Where re-sittings are desired it is usually because something is wrong. It may be the dress, it may be your fault. In every case if you find it is your fault and you are not satisfied with the proofs, even if the customer is fairly well pleased, suggest that they sit again. Say to them, "Really I am not pleased and I know I can do better; sit once more and we will then compare the new proofs with the former ones." You thereby gain their confidence and appreciation. On the other hand, even if the proofs are fine, should the customer request a re-sitting, agree at once and proceed to make new sittings. It is not good policy to try to convince them that the proofs are good, for in doing so, you place your judgment against theirs. They are the purchasers and it is, therefore, they who are to be pleased; and in case the first proofs were good, re-sit them willingly, suggesting that they preserve the first proofs and compare them with the new ones you are about to make. All this leaves a good impression and really places the customer under obligations to you, which often results in a much larger order, as well as appreciation of the pains taken.

711. There are times when customers will judge the proofs as they would a finished picture. Unless the negative has been proof-retouched they will not appear as well as they should, and in fact more re-sittings are caused owing to careless and uneven printing of the proofs than from any other cause; therefore, we advise that all negatives be proof-retouched, and, with this done, if you are called upon to make re-sittings, by all means do so willingly and you will profit by it.