343. Photographs Taken With The Accuracy Of A Surveyor

Photographs Taken With The Accuracy Of A Surveyor. A point and an arrow of direction were established on each one of these towers. The photographer was required to adjust his camera to these each time an exposure was made, almost as accurately as a surveyor would adjust an instrument in striking a line. These stations are lettered A, B, C, D; the proper letter is put on the negative in connection with the serial number. These photographs, taken from the same identical points each time, enable one to see the building grow before his very eyes, almost like the film of a moving picture machine. In addition to the views taken from the towers, detail photographs were also made of important parts of the construction.

344. Uses Of Photographs To The Contractor

Uses Of Photographs To The Contractor. The uses of photographs other than their merely casual and incidental application, are stated by one constructing company as follows:

345. "For keeping office employees in touch with the varying conditions on the various jobs.

346. "For indisputable records of the condition of adjoining buildings before starting work, and after its completion.

347. "Photographing cracks over doors and windows and in other places to show whether or not any settlement has taken place, due to the construction work involved.

348. "For records to be available in case of a law suit or other discord or misunderstanding.

349. "For advertising purposes."

350. Methods Of Procedure

Methods Of Procedure. Various other rules, as follows, indicate the methods of procedure in photograph-

System for Handling Construction Work. 201 ing, which have been found to be most advantageous in obtaining the pictorial record desired:

351. "In all cases pictures should be taken of the men while at work, and not as though idle and posing for a picture. On out-of-town work, prints should be mailed to the home office, and the negatives expressed promptly to the regular photographer employed by the firm. All negatives should be dated and numbered. Prints should be unmounted, and gaslight paper should be used for all prints. The notation to be used on all photographs must include the proper contract number, the serial number and the date.

352. "Special stress is laid on the advisability of obtaining photographs of conditions at the time of any accident. Unless otherwise directed, at least one roll of films should be taken on each job, each week, and all pictures on that film should be taken the same day.

353. "After the film is removed and sealed, the contract number and date of taking photograph should be clearly written upon it."

354. Value Of Photographic Records

Value Of Photographic Records. In its working application, the system of photographic records just described has been found, through its check upon the work of the employees, to prevent damage to owners, to adjoining property, and to the contractor's interests, and to prevent legal disputes, as well as furnishing the data necessary to settle them without delay.